• Workshop 1 - Emerging technologies for all

    Topic: Digital skills development and AI
    Description: The aim of this workshop will be to discuss challenges that arise when developing online learning content about emerging technologies, taking into account different target audiences and needs. The workshop will build on the experience of the Digital SkillUp initiative, focusing the discussion on potential ways to introduce emerging technologies to educators, in the wider context of citizens and individuals.
    Workshop Moderators: Viola Pinzi (EUN), Tomislava Recheva and(EUN)Galina Misheva (EUN)

  • Workshop 2 - Student assessment in the era of AI

    Topic: Student assessment in the era of AI
    Description: What role will AI play in students' assessment? Could AI provide feedback on tests and grade essays instead of teachers? In this dialogue workshop, participants will exchange on digital assessment, adaptive online testing, student learning personalisation, and the role of AI in such processes. During the workshop, participants will have the chance to discuss and interact with international experts and join in an effort towards teachers' empowerment.
    Workshop Moderators: Katja Engelhardt (EUN), Lidija Kralj (EUN), Peep Küngas, Thorkild Svendsen and Eric Welp

  • Workshop 3 - Youth perspective on AI in education

    Topic: Children rights and artificial intelligence
    Description: AI is a new and growing technology that has massive benefits to our everyday lives, in most cases without notice or realisation. However, AI is certainly not free of risk or harm. Formal education is the area where students and teachers can benefit from using such experimental technology, but at what cost? This youth-led workshop will explore and open a discussion around this potential new aspect of the modern classroom and what it means for young people.
    Workshop Moderators: Sabrina Vorbau (EUN), Neda (BIK Youth Amb LT)and Matej (BIK Youth Amb CZ)

  • Workshop 4 - AI in Teacher Professional Development

    Topic: AI in Teacher Professional Development
    Description: The digital world is currently flooded with "intelligent" agents that have the ability to replace us in our last exclusivity, intelligence. We are increasingly taking on roles other than the analogue (carbon), the digital (silicon) ones, which today act in parallel in our lives. Having these scenarios in mind, it is important to reflect on the impact they have on education in general and specifically on teachers' professional development, in its multitude of formats, within the literacy of and for Artificial Intelligence. In this workshop we will collectively reflect on the potential ways of navigating ourselves, teachers, and students in this new emergent scenario.
    Workshop Moderators: Rute Baptista (EUN) and Marco Neves

  • Workshop 5 - Emerging EdTech: The School of the future

    Topic: Emerging EdTech: The School of the future
    Description: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -Theodore Hook. There is no single educational technology initiative that will achieve the same results everywhere because school systems, learners and teachers, as well as access to materials and resources are simply different. However, we can appreciate the potential of education technology to scale up quality instruction, to support personalised learning, to augment opportunities, to practice, and to improve learning engagement. In this workshop we will discuss about emerging EdTech: what are the prospects, how to harness the potential and how to avoid the pitfalls.
    Workshop Moderators: Bart Verswijvel (EUN), Karina Batat, Michele Gabbanelli and Sampo Forsström