Agile Collection of Information

One of the main raison d'être of European Schoolnet is to facilitate the meaningful exchange of information about policies, reforms, pilot projects and other initiatives aimed at transforming education in the countries represented in the network.

Such meaningful exchange of information takes place on a regular basis through thematic working groups, study visits, network forums and the Eminent conference, all aiming at peer-learning and cross-fertilisation. Since 2021, it also happens through the Agile Collection of Information series, published twice a year.


From Research to Policy Action 

The exchange of information about policy actions to transform education is reinforced by activities aiming at brokering evidence from research and practice to policy-makers in the areas of activity of European Schoolnet: digital educational innovation, equity in digital education, social innovation in education, new models of leadership, new assessment approaches, professional learning communities, etc. Such brokering of evidence happens through the Working Group on  Indicators, research projects and policy experimentations informed by research literature reviews, and also since 2016, through the Perspectives series (title to be dynamic i.e. leading to the page of the series when clicked). 

One of European Schoolnet's key aims is to disseminate educational research findings and other evidence to our key stakeholders: ministries of education, schools, teachers, and industry partners.

The European Schoolnet Perspectives series is one way through which we achieve this. Each issue aims to:

  • Summarise research evidence from key studies on innovation in education
  • Translate this evidence into concrete ideas for policy action
  • Conclude with the implications of the evidence for using technology in teaching and learning