SMILE - Social Media in Learning and Education

More than 100 teachers from across Europe participated in the SMILE (Social Media in Learning and Education) action and undertook a pedagogical journey to explore jointly the challenges and opportunities involved when using social media in learning and education.
The outcomes of the project, funded by a Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook, are now published in a digital handbook. You can find pedagogical materials and resources from the learning laboratory with many valuable reflections and suggestions on some critical aspects of the use of social media as regards school policies, pedagogical principles, professional development, responsible use and challenges to adoption.
Use the handbook now to handle social media in your classroom, to learn how to use social media responsibly and how to use them for your professional development.
"All the SMILE resources, and especially the final handbook, have a great potential for further use beyond the SMILE action. With five Croatian Primary Schools, I am starting a new project of school curricula development regarding children safety on the Internet. We plan to use SMILE learning modules and results as a base for curriculum development since it gives us great ideas, suggestions, good examples and perspective from different teachers from all EU countries." Lidija Kralj teacher of mathematics and ICT, Veliki Bukovec Primary School, Croatia



"The reason that led me to attend the on line splendid course SMILE was related to my professional and personal necessity to see if social media such as Facebook, that normally occupy a relevant part of my pupils' daily life outside school, could actually enter school and become an interesting didactical tool. I decided to start with an ad hoc Facebook group focused on our Comenius project to share ideas, jokes, and pictures to enrich the project. [..] I was amazed how fast and precise they were to react and do their homework. During all my teaching years, I had never seen such a prolific, lovely and creative production of assignments, nice jokes, provocations in plain English! So without even knowing it, they started using their first foreign language as a real communicative tool. They were totally involved in the learning process since they didn't perceive it as a burden but as part of their daily life." Elena Radaelli, teacher of ESL, Istituto Tecnico Economico Regina Mundi, Milan, Italy


Read SMILE – a journey of engagement, a case study from Donal O' Mahony, a SMILE teacher, and learn how he contributed to the Social Media and ICT Use Policy in his school.
Watch Ollie Bray's video tutorials, explore the many possibilities of the use of social media in the school environment and learn how to embed them in your teaching practice. Find more info on Ollie Bray and on how he run the SMILE course on his blog.


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