School Innovation Forum 2021: Emerging Technologies in Education: An Ecological View on Artificial Intelligence

Forum Hashtag: #SchoolInnovationForum

Date : 26-28 May 2021

The School Innovation Forum 2021 will take place online under the theme "Emerging Technologies in Education: An Ecological View on Artificial Intelligence" on 26-28 May 2021. The Forum will bring together European Schoolnet's (EUN) key community members: representatives of Ministries of Education, national and international agencies, the private sector, and research experts, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that AI brings to school innovation, teaching and learning. The Forum will be live streamed on 26 May 2021

Emerging and disruptive technologies are radically changing the world as we know it and governments are preparing for the challenges and opportunities that are unfolding ahead. Education is one of the sectors that could be drastically impacted by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the learning, teaching, and assessment processes as well as in the management and governance of institutes and schools. The European Commission, international organisations such as UNESCO and the OECD, as well as the member-states are investing in research and innovation for AI, while also providing guidance on the implementation of policies around the use of AI in education.

EUN is therefore initiating a dialogue on AI, which is a topic high on the agenda of its members and community. This dialogue will continue and expand during the 2021 online edition of the School Innovation Forum, that will focus specifically on looking at AI in education through a critical lens. We aim to challenge assumptions related to AI and to focus on opportunities, but even more importantly on challenges, ethical considerations, and risks. The ultimate objective of this exchange is to ensure that educational AI technology is used to empower teachers rather than to try to replace them and to develop appropriate capacity-building programmes for decision makers, headmasters and teachers to work alongside AI systems. During the Forum, several discussions and workshops will be reserved to EUN's invited members and partners, while the activities and presentations scheduled for the first day, on 26 May 2021, will be open to the larger community and the general public.


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Event ​under the patronage of the European Parliament.