How are digital games used in schools? A handbook for teachers


This handbook has been written in the framework of European Schoolnet's Games in Schools project which began in January 2008 and ended in June 2009. The project's aim was to analyse the current situation in eight countries (Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain and UK) with regard to games based learning.

eTwinning: Adventures in language and culture


2008 eTwinning book on language and culture, and how eTwinning contributes to increase understanding and appreciation of our diverse European cultures.

E-Safety Policies and Initiatives across Europe in 2007


This study draws on contributions to European Schoolnet’s country reports and aims to show how current national policies for ICT in education comply with the fast changing e-safety issues young people are currently facing in and outside school.

Women in IT


Report on the European situation and the role of public-private partnerships in promoting greater participation of young women in technology.

eMature Schools in Europe


In this paper, we first describe why we are interested in the topic of eMature Schools, what we have observed as the key impacts of ICT in education, and go on to key features needed in education systems and schools to head towards eMaturity.

ICT in Schools: Trends, Innovation and Issues in 2006-2007


This paper aims to provide an overview of the situation of ICT in schools in the years 2006 and 2007 for use of EUN’s Steering Committee and its main stakeholders.

Learning with eTwinning - 2007


A handbook for teachers on how to get started in collaborative project work, giving project ideas and examples, and success stories with teacher interviews.

Cultural understanding and integration & professional development


eTwinning Pedagogical Advisory Group report on intercultural understanding and cultural integration and the role of eTwinning in this process, as well as the professional development of teachers.

Pedagogical issues in eTwinning


eTwinning Pedagogical Advisory Group report on the pedagogical issues in eTwinning, how can eTwinning contribute to fun and enjoyment, developing the talents of students, and linking ICT tools to pedagogical practice.

Collaboration and eTwinning: enrichment and added value of eTwinning projects


eTwinning Pedagogical Advisory Group report on collaboration and eTwinning, the role of ICT and the added value of eTwinning projects.