Briefing Paper - Issue n. 4


Issue n. 4 on using the internet safely and responsibly.

The inGenious code: school - industry collaboration


Tools and advice to work together in a safe, smooth and secure way. Whether you are a teacher, education administrator, involved in industry or a policy maker – anyone engaged in collaboration between industry and schools can benefit from the information in this code.

The European Science Fairs Evaluation Framework – pilot study


This report presents and analyses data obtained from the pilot evaluation of four European science fairs.

Evidence of the impact of iTEC on learning and teaching


This report presents a meta-analysis of the main findings from the evaluation of the first three cycles of iTEC. The hyphotesis was that the iTEC products and processes can impact on key educational policy areas.

Briefing Paper - Issue n. 3


Issue n. 3 on the types and modes of ICT-related professional development pursued by teachers across Europe.

Overview and Analysis of 1:1 Learning Initiatives in Europe


The study provides an overview and analysis of 1:1 initiatives in Europe, synthesising research findings on 1:1 learning in primary and secondary schools, identifying factors for successful implementation of 1:1 initiatives, and presenting policy options that successfully promote technological, pedagogical and organisational innovation in Education and Training (E&T).

SMILE Social Media in Learning & Education


The outcomes of the SMILE project, funded by a Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook, are published in a digital handbook. Teachers can find pedagogical materials and resources from the learning laboratory with many valuable reflections and suggestions on some critical aspects of the use of social media as regards school policies, pedagogical principles, professional development, responsible use and challenges to adoption.

Briefing Paper - Issue n. 2


Issue n. 2 on 1:1 computing.

Introducing Tablets in Schools: The Acer-European Schoolnet Tablet Pilot Evaluation


Following the successful implementation of the Acer-European Schoolnet Educational Netbook Pilot in 2010/2011, Acer and European Schoolnet carried out a new pilot study on the use of tablet devices to enhance teaching and learning practices in 2012. This is an executive summary.

Briefing Paper - Issue n. 1


Issue n. 1 on the 'teacher effect' on the use of ICT in the classroom.