The future of schools beyond Covid-19


The outbreak of Covid-19 changed schools almost overnight. There was suddenly a lot of uncertainty around the question of how to deliver school education. This new situation created a huge challenge for all actors involved.

Blended Learning in Teacher Education & Training – Findings from Research and Practice


Online learning – particularly when offered at scale in the form of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – offers the potential to address the constant, global need for more teacher training. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why teachers may be hesitant to study in a fully online programme.

Increasing teachers’ participation in online courses trough a personalised support offer


Evidence shows that only 36% of teachers across OECD countries have undertaken online training. However, will the test solution developed by the TeachUp project increase teachers’ and student teachers’ participation in online courses?

Full Report - eTwinning Schools: towards a shared leadership approach


Through the analysis of quantitative data and the organisation of qualitative surveys, the eTwinning 2020 report explores the way eTwinning schools operate. This two-fold approach enables the large-scale monitoring of a sample of eTwinning schools and further exploration of the needs of eTwinning schools.

Summary report - eTwinning Schools: towards a shared leadership approach


Every year, eTwinning awards hundreds of schools with the eTwinning School Label. These schools are recognised for their eTwinning activities, commitments, implications and dedications.

Implementing personalised support in Scalable Online Courses


The challenges teachers are facing in their daily work have increased. The digitalisation of the educations system requires them to adapt and change their teaching practices. To keep up with these new trends and changes, they need training and support.

Digital SkillUp: Report on the European Educational and Training Landscape


Technology is everywhere. It shapes the rhythm of our daily life and plays a core role in it. Although they are an integral part of our routine, many still find it difficult to master them. Digital SkillUp aims to make basic knowledge of emerging technologies available and accessible to citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Digital Book: Shared Leadership in Your School


How to identify the core qualities of a leader? And how to apply leadership? What type of collaboration should we promote within a group? The concept of leadership leads to many debates, as its meaning is still vague and subjective.

Classrooms in action: Integrating climate change education into curricula


Education plays a key role in understanding our society. It can be a great tool to address climate change and encourage to act accordingly. The 2020 eTwinning book on climate change shows how teachers with students can learn from each other’s and exchange best practices to tackle today’s challenges.

TEACHUP Evolution Report


Although online training is still the fastest and most flexible way to learn, we still observe several difficulties faced by teachers: limited digital competences, low self-regulated learning competence, no personalised guidance. These issues are highly disruptive to their online training and their willingness to take part in online training.