eTwinning in an era of change: 2019 summary report


The eTwinning Monitoring Report is published every two years and takes stock of the action’s key achievements as well as the areas in need of further development, through an analysis of a large-scale survey of eTwinning respondents.

Guide for the STEM Discovery Week including the competition


The purpose of this guide is to provide anyone interested in organising a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Discovery Week with a campaign blueprint. This blueprint is meant to be used either as a step-by-step guide for organisations interested in organising such campaign or as a source of inspiration for future activities of this type.

Europeana Education - An initiative to integrate cultural heritage into classrooms


This short publication shares the common vision of Europeana and European Schoolnet on the role of cultural heritage in education. It also discusses the mission and achievements of the collaboration between Europeana and European Schoolnet during the 2018-2019 academic year and presents the upcoming activities of the Europeana DSI-4 project for the new academic year.

Not concerned about online safety? Here’s why should be!


It's not always easy to be a teacher nowadays – increasingly complex and overloaded curricula, new subjects, ever limited time and a generational gap with students. Now factor in also the evolving technological landscape and it's easy to understand why some teachers and educational professionals feel ill-prepared to support their pupils and students when it comes to their online lives and to ensuring their eSafety.

A Whole-School Journey Towards a Meaningful Social Media Literacy Strategy


The Strategies Report summarises the lessons learnt through the collaboration with 22 teachers who have created and implemented their SML strategies and who have helped shape the sml4change MOOC.

Social Media Literacy Strategies in School: Designing a capacity building scheme


The Final Evaluation Report provides a comprehensive overview of Social Media Literacy for Change project from selecting of participating schools, to co-creating the MOOC and mainstreaming the results.

2019 Scientix Update


Scientix has grown substantially since the beginning of its first stage in 2010, and this publication details the results of that growth and the successes of the initiative. It also contains suggestions on how to take those successes forward into the future of STEM education in Europe.

LRE White Paper 2 "A review of the state-of-art of the use of machine-learning and artificial intelligence by educational portals and OER repositories"


This white paper aims to guide learning resource platform owners in their evaluation of the use of recommender systems on their platforms, from a users’ point of view.

European Schoolnet's 2018 Annual Report


This report documents European Schoolnet’s activities during 2018, highlighting the organisation’s main achievements and lessons learned.

Measuring the impact of eTwinning activities on teachers’ practice and competence development- Monitoring eTwinning Practice Framework


The 2018 eTwinning Monitoring Report showcases the results of a large-scale monitoring activity was carried out via the analysis of hundreds of answers to a self-assessment survey and by a set of case studies.