Rural Schools under Focus. Case Studies on innovative practice


This publication presents monographies of all the small and rural schools that were interviewed between October 2021 and March 2022.

Quelle place pour les petites écoles et les écoles rurales ? Résumé exécutif


Une analyse comparative européenne basée sur 11 pays par le groupe d'intérêt spécial “Small and Rural Schools” de European Schoolnet.

Playing their part: Small and Rural Schools - Executive Summary


A European comparative analysis based on 11 countries by the special interest group 'Small and Rural Schools' of European Schoolnet.

Research Report. Playing their part: Small and rural schools


A European comparative analysis based on 11 countries by the European Schoolnet Special Interest Group “Small and Rural Schools”.

Accelerating EdTech Start-Ups in Europe


the report Accelerating EdTech Start-Ups in Europe to help people understand how the EdTech landscape is evolving across Europe and how organisations such as European Schoolnet are supporting their acceleration through different initiatives (FCL, EU funded projects).

Data4Learning: ChatGPT and the role of AI in assessment


Discover the power of Chat GPT and its impact on assessment in education.

Data4Learning: How can teachers best use and make sense of data in education?


This webinar series focuses on the meaningful and ethical use of digitally processed data for student learning. The webinar series is planned to take place between October 2022 and June 2023.

Data4Learning: What does the use of algorithms mean for the autonomy of teachers?


This is a summary of a webinar that discusses data-driven practices in education.

Effective use of learner-generated data in teacher training activities


This report contains an analysis of the effective use of learner-generated data with a specific focus on teacher training.

Data4Learning: The platformisation of education, capturing data & testing


Interested to know what experts discussed on data in education? In October 2022, European Schoolnet held the first webinar of its recently launched “Data4Learning” Series. The summary of the discussions highlights the main arguments brought up during the exchange on the topic “The platformisation of education, capturing data & testing”. This year, after each webinar, we will be sharing a summary of the discussions. When the initiative is over, a final report will also be published including all summaries and outlining the lessons learnt across the entire series. Read the first the summary.