Professional Development for Teachers in the Age of AI


The report addresses the pressing need for educators to adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of AI. From prioritising key areas in professional development to leveraging AI tools effectively, the analysis provides valuable insights for teacher trainers and educators alike.

Wellbeing in a digital world - Perspective Paper


The latest Perspective Paper, Issue 12, serves as a practical guide for educators aiming to enhance student well-being in schools. It focuses on implementing creative teaching methods, incorporating digital tools, and addressing emotional and skill development.

Teacher Survey Final Report: Sound in schools and its impact on learning and teachers’ wellbeing


The report "Teacher Survey: Sound in schools and its impact on learning and teachers' wellbeing" captures the results of a pan-European survey conducted by European Schoolnet under its Future Classroom Lab initiative with the financial assistance of Saint-Gobain Ecophon.

Meaningful and Ethical Use of Data in Education


In the ever-evolving discourse on the purpose and role of education, the debate about the use of digitally processed data has been growing in the past years. In an effort to contribute to this discussion, European Schoolnet launched in late 2022 a series of webinars, titled Data4Learning, inviting key experts and professionals from education authorities and academic institutions to exchange, reflect, and share their insights over six episodes from October 2022 to June 2023. This publication covers the insights from these events.

Data4Learning: Governance processes for a robust educational data ecosystem


This webinar series focuses on the meaningful and ethical use of digitally processed data for student learning and aims to facilitate an open exchange between relevant actors in education on what works and what does not – and most importantly on how to move forward together.

European Schoolnet Academy Evolution Report 2022


The European Schoolnet Academy (EUN Academy) is European Schoolnet’s online training platform that focuses in particular on the delivery of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for teachers and other school stakeholders.

Data4Learning: (How) is using data for learning ethical?


Explore the ethical implications of data exploitation and Artificial Intelligence in education. Our Data4Learning webinar series delve into the challenges and consequences of these technologies, and help you understand the responsible use of data in learning.

Rural Schools under Focus. Case Studies on innovative practice


This publication presents monographies of all the small and rural schools that were interviewed between October 2021 and March 2022.

Quelle place pour les petites écoles et les écoles rurales ? Résumé exécutif


Une analyse comparative européenne basée sur 11 pays par le groupe d'intérêt spécial “Small and Rural Schools” de European Schoolnet.

Playing their part: Small and Rural Schools - Executive Summary


A European comparative analysis based on 11 countries by the special interest group 'Small and Rural Schools' of European Schoolnet.