image The main aims of this deliverable are to provide a full analysis of the evaluation data that has been collected in the course of project’s final implementation year along with a set of recommendations targeting Go-Lab’s main audiences, i.e. teachers and schools.

In Section 1, we are presenting a set of recommendations for the design of Go-Lab learning environments (ILSs) and for implementing and introducing Go-Lab in class and in school organisations. The section starts by listing teaching situations that teachers may have encountered during their implementations. Section 2, presents a collection of Annexes which include all evaluation data that has been collected by WP8 including student studies, large-scale evaluation and case studies. Starting from the students’ focused studies, the methodology results of the 2 common and the individual studies are presented.

Evita Tasiopoulou, Ton de Jong, Enrique Martin
counsellors, educational authorities, policy makers, researchers, teachers
Innovation, STEM
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