image This report has as its primary aim to ensure that from a content and pedagogical point of view, the Go-Lab portal represented by the various laboratory experiments promoted in this portal can be seamlessly integrated into the curricula of European countries.

This report intends to examine curricula to further determine arising requirements for Go-Lab labs, i.e., to identify potential new online labs to be proposed for better fitting the curricula of European countries. The presentation of a consistent methodology, as well as conclusions and suggestions on the integration possibilities of the Go-Lab portal‟s labs in the national curricula of the various countries, are the outputs of this study. Moreover, this analysis presents a collection of recommendations on factors that should be taken into account when choosing laboratories to include in the Go-Lab portal and a lab-checklist that would support this process.

Gabriela Collado, Evita Tasiopoulou, Tommaso Dalla Vecchia, Gina Mihai
educational authorities, policy makers, researchers
Innovation, STEM
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