image This report presents and analyses data obtained from the pilot evaluation of four European science fairs.

The aim of the evaluation exercise was to show the data that can be obtained from the evaluation tool developed. The evaluation tool is planned to be administered in all Intel-affiliated fairs and provide useful data for analysis, ensuring cross-country and cross-year comparability. The students’ and teachers’ data from the four fairs were combined and are provided in table or graph format in separate sections, with short descriptions and highlights for each graph. As a helping simple tool, average statistical profiles of participating students and teachers are provided at the end of each data section. These statistical profiles can be as comprehensive as is required. At the end of the report, a more detailed analysis of the students’ and teachers’ data is presented together with some conclusions, while the data for each fair is provided in a separate report per fair.

Agueda Gras-Velázquez, Jon K. Price, Přemysl Velek, Michał Dzoga & Iza Pastuszynska
counsellors, educational authorities, industry, learners, other, parents, policy makers, researchers, teachers
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