image This publication deals with all aspects of the Scientix project - the community for science education in Europe - ranging from the resources it provides to STEM educators, to the events the project has made possible and the knowledge and practices it has helped disseminate.

In short, this report illustrates exactly how Scientix has, is – and is going to – add value to STEM education. Where possible, facts and stats are brought to life through testimonials from the education professionals and others who have helped Scientix become such a vibrant and inclusive community for anyone interested in improving the understanding of STEM in European society. Since its inception in 2010, this initiative, supported by the Science with and for Society programme, has established a comprehensive platform which facilitates an in-depth exchange on challenges in STEM education. It has successfully created a network and learning communities with a popular peer-learning environment dedicated to STEM subjects. Thus, Scientix offers a simple and efficient solution that facilitates and improves the work of schools and teachers, gives researchers a chance to present their activities, and supplies policymakers with useful tools to interact directly with the STEM community.

Róbert Hlynur Baldursson and Michael John Stone
counsellors, educational authorities, industry, policy makers, researchers, teachers
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