image The e-Skills Manifesto 2015 outlines the road ahead for Europe to achieve its digital future – from the digital transformation of the economy, to new insights for business and policymakers through big data, to accelerating growth and fostering innovation and competitiveness through eLeadership.

The Manifesto gathers European experts from the public and private sector, policymakers and ICT practitioners, and also includes contributions from the United States and Japan, thus offering valuable cross-cultural insights and best practice. Much has been written about the digital skills gap and whether Europe is falling behind in the race for digital talent. After some spectacular declines in ICT education enrolments and graduate numbers in the first years of the new millennium, the European Commission developed a long-term e-skills strategy to reverse the worrying trend. Now, and since 2010, the number of ICT students is growing again. The good news today is that there are signs that the rate of growth is quicker than expected.

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