image The publication, prepared within the work of the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, presents a summary of best practices and case studies of formal and non-formal educational programmes, which focus on engaging and training pupils, students and young people in ICT.

The selected best practices cover a wide area of activities, ranging from innovative teaching and learning to matching skills to digital jobs. The main aim of the publication is to guide the reader through different models of successful educational programmes which could be replicated or further upscaled. It addresses stakeholders with an interest in providing training opportunities in the field of ICT, which can include National and Local Coalitions coordinators and members, policy makers in the field of education or employment, industry, professional development providers and institutes. The first part underpins case studies of initiatives which have proven successful and which demonstrate respectively examples of programmes on: innovative teaching and learning; raising awareness on the importance of ICT skills and attractiveness of digital jobs, skills matching and on the job experiences, transversal approach to teaching and learning digital competences. The second part is dedicated to recommendations and suggestions to be kept into consideration while planning to set up or upscale initiatives aimed at training for digital jobs. Recommendations are identified both on the level of practical application (regarding implementation, approaches to collaboration, etc.) but also on a policy level in order to ensure that the right conditions are available for introducing these initiatives to a larger audience. The third part has finally been designed as an actual catalogue of best practice initiatives which have been summarised in a way so as to serve as a reference for interested stakeholders who would like to take on some of the initiatives and contribute to upscaling them.

Tommaso Dalla Vecchia, Charmaine Kerr, Tomislava Recheva, Giusy Cannella
educational authorities, industry, policy makers, researchers, teachers
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