image The School IT Administrator report is the first European report to analyse the role, duties and training needs of IT Administrators in schools. Authored by European Schoolnet and its ministries of education, with the support of Cisco Systems, this report is intended to raise awareness of the challenges and needs of this community of school IT Administrators, and to initiate a dialogue amongst public and private sector organizations to find solutions.

European Schoolnet and its network of ministries of education, in partnership with Cisco Systems, launched a survey in autumn 2014 to find out more about a crucial but overlooked link in the digital learning chain: the school IT Administrator. An IT Administrator – in some countries known as the network manager, systems coordinator or IT manager – is the person in the school who oversees the technical development and implementation of IT, for example administering the network, managing devices in the school, addressing security issues and providing technical support to teachers. It is distinct from the ICT coordinator or e-learning manager who has a more pedagogical role. The report outlines the background, duties, challenges and training needs of school IT Administrators across Europe. The main themes that were looked at include: schools size, IT infrastructure, IT administrator's role, challenges and training needs.

Roger Blamire and Jean-Noel Colin
counsellors, educational authorities, industry, policy makers, researchers
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