image “Developing pupil competences through eTwinning” explores the 8 Key Competences for Lifelong Learning: communication in one's mother tongue; foreign languages; digital skills; basic skills in maths and science; learning to learn; social and civic responsibility; initiative and entrepreneurship; and cultural awareness and creativity- and how they can be addressed at school through the eTwinning projects.

Each key competence is analysed within a different chapter from a practical point of view - pedagogical experts explore how students worked and acquired different skills by participating in eTwinning, using as an example some of the most successful eTwinning projects.
The book is also an interactive tool, because it collects resources and links to online materials related to the highlighted projects, such as videos, teachers and students’ testimonies and step-by-step kits from the eTwinning Portal. The book also contains a theoretical approach to the European Framework of 8 Key Competences, including a precise definition of the term “key competence”, and an in-depth analysis on why competence-based education is needed and how education systems are responding to this need.
The 2014 eTwinning book is available in 25 languages. You can find the translations on the eTwinning portal.

Anne Gilleran, Caroline kearney
counsellors, educational authorities, other, policy makers, researchers, teachers
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