image Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are not as popular in Europe with school-age students as they once were. That’s a concern for Europe as a whole – but it should be a concern for parents, too. Why? Because any future skills shortage will affect both the economy and the individual worker.

The reason for this short booklet is to try and help you as a parent to encourage the STEM talent in your child or children, to suggest ways to maximise their interests in the subjects and – hopefully – to improve their chances of obtaining STEM qualifications, which could lead to a STEM-related career. What this booklet is not here to do is try and cajole you or your offspring into taking up a career that they have no interest in or aptitude for. We feel that many children are not so much ignoring STEM, they are simply unaware of the possibilities studying those subjects has to offer. Further, we believe that the vast majority of children can find STEM-related topics stimulating and useful, and that an inquiring, scientific mindset is an asset in any occupation, even if a final career in STEM is not for everyone.

Mike Stone
counsellors, educational authorities, parents, policy makers, researchers, teachers
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