image The outcomes of the SMILE project, funded by a Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook, are published in a digital handbook. Teachers can find pedagogical materials and resources from the learning laboratory with many valuable reflections and suggestions on some critical aspects of the use of social media as regards school policies, pedagogical principles, professional development, responsible use and challenges to adoption.

The purpose of this report is to describe the work and the outcomes of the Social Media in Learning and Education (SMILE) Action Research Project. The project was designed as a ‘learning laboratory’ to improve our understanding of the major challenges and opportunities that arise out of the pervasive world of social media for teachers, for schools, and for education generally. The report offers a concise summary of the project’s findings, it describes the major lessons learned from the innovative work undertaken, it offers some clear guidelines for teachers, policy-makers and industry to improve the quality of social media for education, and it offers some key pointers to possible future research questions.

SMILE project
learners, researchers, teachers
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