image In the ever-evolving discourse on the purpose and role of education, the debate about the use of digitally processed data has been growing in the past years. In an effort to contribute to this discussion, European Schoolnet launched in late 2022 a series of webinars, titled Data4Learning, inviting key experts and professionals from education authorities and academic institutions to exchange, reflect, and share their insights over six episodes from October 2022 to June 2023. This publication covers the insights from these events.

These episodes delve into the complexities and potentials of the increasing production of data in education and cover topics about the platformisation of education, the use of algorithms and the impact on teachers’ autonomy, the teachers’ sensemaking of data use in education, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and assessment, ethics, and governance of data ecosystems. The current Introductory text takes stock of the key messages shared during the webinars and outlines identified key issues for further investigation and development. The six webinar summaries have been individually published over the course of the series’ duration but are also presented in this report chronologically for the readers’ convenience and their further consideration.

Konstantinos Andronikidis, Patricia Wastiau
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