image Evidence shows that only 36% of teachers across OECD countries have undertaken online training. However, will the test solution developed by the TeachUp project increase teachers’ and student teachers’ participation in online courses?

The TeachUP project tested a possible solution to help teachers succeed in online training: a personalised support mechanism consisting of e-mails with personalised advice and a 1:1 support offer sent only to course participants who were likely to need support.

The research consisted of the organisation of teacher training in 10 countries where 4090 teachers and student teachers were invited to join four online courses (on assessment, personalised learning, collaborative learning, and creativity). They were divided into two groups (treatment and control group), and those in the treatment group identified as "potentially in need" received the personalised support offer.

You can read the complete report here.

The TeachUP research results are also available in DE, EL, ES, ET, HU, LT, PT, SK and TR.

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