image How to identify the core qualities of a leader? And how to apply leadership? What type of collaboration should we promote within a group? The concept of leadership leads to many debates, as its meaning is still vague and subjective.

How can we ensure Shared Leadership in school? The objectives of this online course are to help you understand the building blocks of Shared Leadership practices in school. Trough the modules, teachers and informal school leaders are encouraged to engage in leadership-related activities in their schools.

In this publication, the following subjects are discussed:

- School leadership and the characteristics of Shared Leadership approach,

- The building blocks of Shared Leadership approach in school,

- Shared Leadership and its link to innovation,

- Benefits of Shared Leadership practices,

- Preparation of a school action plan proposal and assessment of other action plans.

This report is also accessible in NL, IT, SP and PT available here.

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Learning Leadership for Change (L2C)
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