image The e-Skills Manifesto - with special introductions by Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship, and Don Tapscott, author of the widely acclaimed book, Wikinomics - deep dives into policy development opportunities and the role that all stakeholders across the European Union must play in the development of a cohesive action plan to develop and promote e-skilled labour in Europe.

In spite of current economic and financial turbulences, the transition to a knowledge-based, innovation-driven digital economy is accelerating. The capability of European enterprises to compete and innovate is becoming increasingly dependent on the strategic and efficient use of new information and communication technologies. This new industrial revolution brings a premium to highly-skilled and ICT savvy workers while those with low or inadequate skills are even more vulnerable. As formidable competitors and markets are emerging in the world, industry is increasingly sourcing talents and resources wherever they are available; e-skills are crucial for the competitiveness of Europe as a region. This Manifesto encompasses many important ideas from key leaders in government, education, policy, research and industry. It reflects the main components of the e-skills challenge for Europe and provides very useful advice on what needs to be done. I am deeply grateful to them for sharing their wisdom, expertise and energy in contributing to a shared vision and action plan. This Manifesto is a call for action by all of us.

Caroline Bergaud, Natalia Kurop, Alexa Joyce and Colleen Wood
counsellors, general public, industry, policy makers, researchers
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