image This report investigates the use of peer assessment in teacher education and training scenarios. It offers a review of existing research on the topic as well as a set of implementation guidelines that should help policy makers and teacher trainers to understand the potential of peer assessment in teacher education and training as well as offer a framework to further investigate and implement peer assessment in their own contexts.

The report is based on the outputs from the 1st European Schoolnet Academy Thematic Seminar held in November 2019 with the title “Does Teacher Peer Assessment work? Lessons from Research and Practice around Europe”. The author of this report contributed to the Seminar as a keynote speaker.

The European Schoolnet Academy was launched in 2014 and was the first European MOOC platform dedicated to schoolteachers and other school stakeholders. In 2019 it launched an annual Thematic Seminar series for teacher trainers and policy makers addressing key topics originating from the experience of running MOOCs for teachers.

Keith Topping, University of Dundee
educational authorities, policy makers, teachers
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