image This set of practical guidelines has been developed by a team of experts at European Schoolnet following their work with 1:1 computing initiatives; in particular the experience gained in the practical implementation of the Acer-European Schoolnet Educational Netbook Pilot and the Acer-European Schoolnet Educational Tablet pilot.

The guidelines are designed to be a starting point for school leaders, teachers, education advisers, policy makers and the research communities who are seeking to implement the use of 1:1 devices within learning and teaching. They will also support the work of commercial suppliers and industry. Using 1:1 technologies requires a robust ecosystem that will undoubtedly be challenged by the fragility of doing something that is different to what has been done before. The technologies are constantly changing, but we have to continually explore how we can change learning and teaching too, in order to our students for tomorrow’s world.

Diana Bannister, Anja Balanskat, Katja Engelhardt
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