image This report documents European Schoolnet’s activities during 2019, highlighting the organisation’s main achievements and lessons learned.

Our core activities in 2019 focused on testing, sharing evidence, and spreading innovation in five areas: digital citizenship, STEM education, evidence for innovation, professional development, and school networking.

This work has been supported by a number of publicly and privately funded projects, as well as by European Schoolnet’s Policy and Innovation Committee, the Learning Resource Exchange Subcommittee, and four working groups supported by Ministries of Education on indicators, digital citizenship, STEM education, and the interactive classroom. Moreover, in November 2019, European Schoolnet with its Ministries of Education decided to launch two reflection groups in the coming year: the first on small and rural schools and the second on digital assessment.

Activities have been undertaken collaboratively with our members, partners and stakeholders, and this report provides them and the wider education community with an overview of the past year’s achievements, as well as looking forward to future challenges and goals.

European Schoolnet
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