image The aim of this Integrated STEM teaching State of Play is to provide anoverview of the existing scientific and grey literature research on the topic while laying the foundation for the development of the first Integrated STE(A)M education framework.

Written in the framework of the STE(A)M IT project and with the support of STEAMonEdu, NHL Stenden University of Applied Science, International STEM Awards, CHOICE, Learn STEM, Let’s Talk Science, Scientix, STEM Alliance, Texas Instruments and Lego Education, this “Integrated STEM Teaching State of Play” publication presents in detail the results of the SWOT analysis performed on the topic that reveals the opportunities and challenges ahead.

In this publication, you will learn about:

  • the challenges faced by STEM education in Europe
  • the definition of integrated STEM education
  • the existing grey literature and research on the topic
  • real-world challenges and their connection to STEM education
  • the goals and tools deployed by the STE(A)M IT project to create the 1st European framework of reference for integrated STE(A)M education
  • the SWOT analysis performed on the topic
  • STE(A)M integrated teaching examples

Evita Tasiopoulou, Eleni Myrtsioti, Jessica Niewint Gori, Nikoletta Xenofontos, Anastasios Chovardas, Letizia Cinganotto, Giuseppe Anichini, Patrizia Garista, Fausto Benedetti, Maria Guida, Ciro Minichini, Andrea Benassi and Agueda Gras-Velazquez
educational authorities, industry, policy makers, teachers
STEM Education
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