image The ‘Survey of resources for teens’ presents resources from across Europe addressing the needs of teenagers (between 13 and 18 years old).

In compiling the report, the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) provided an overview of the provision of information and resources for young people, and also resources for those with a care responsibility for them. Insafe has reviewed the SICs suggestions for how needs of teenagers can be met more effectively, has provided summaries of the successful strategies and has presented proposals for the future. The report first presents the challenges the SICs have found in tackling the needs of teenagers. It then outlines the processes the SICs have used todevelop and test resources. Next, it looks at how the resources are being delivered to the target audiences and then focuses on how the effectiveness of these resources is measured. Then we review the SICs suggestions for how needs of teenagers can be met more effectively and then there are summaries of successful strategies and potential future directions. In the final three sections, there are country-by-country descriptions of the resources made available or used by the SIC for teenager, teachers and parents.

learners, parents, teachers
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