image The following report describes and analyses the Peer Learning Visit (PLV) to Seville, Spain, on 22-23 October 2012, organised within the framework of the KeyCoNet project – European Policy Network on the Implementation of Key Competences in School Education (2012-2014).

This first section of the report presents the background to the Peer Learning Visit. The next section offers an overview of the presentations given at the Regional Ministry of Education of Andalusia on 22 October, which provided a contextual background to the work being done in Spain and more particularly in Andalusia regarding key competence development at school level, and also provided insights from the experience of two schools working in this area. The third section describes and analyses the key competence work developed by another two schools, visited by participants on 23 October. In conclusion, some final reflections are presented.

Lina Varela, Luís Valente, Luís Tinoca, Caroline Kearney
educational authorities, policy makers
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