image After two years of collaborative effort to tackle online hate speech, the SELMA project is drawing to a close. The SELMA Digital Book “ How SELMA is driving online change” draws upon the experiences and successes of the many people who became involved in the project.

The SELMA Digital Book features an overview of:
   1. The project's comprehensive research programme on online hate speech;
   2. The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach employed throughout the project to hack hate;
   3. Young people's agency to navigate the issue of online hate speech, raise awareness, promote counter-narratives, disrupt negative behaviours and amplify positive messages;
   4. The SELMA Toolkit, aiming to give educators the keys to build comprehensive and sustained pathways of change;
   5. The involvement of Ministries of Education, policy makers, social media platforms, experts and civil society organisations in the SELMA project;
   6. How the SELMA partners are committed to continuing to hack online hate in the future.

European Schoolnet
educational authorities, policy makers, teachers
Digital Citizenship
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