image eTwinning promotes skills that are necessary to achieve a democratic culture such as autonomous learning, analytical and critical thinking, listening and observing, empathy, flexibility and adaptability, linguistic, communicative and plurilingual skills, co-operation, and conflict-resolution. Through these skills, eTwinning highlights the benefits of active citizenship and demonstrates that teachers can contribute to the creation of sustainable democracies.

To emphasise the importance of democratic participation and facilitate the work of teachers, eTwinning offers a variety of material and resources like this edition of the eTwinning Book:

  • The first section introduces the main elements of democratic participation and the role of education in triggering the active engagement of young people.
  • The second section focuses on the role of teachers in developing democratic competence and the importance of active citizenship.
  • The third section introduces a tool to help students develop critical thinking skills to tackle stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Finally, the fourth section gives the floor to young people who took the lead and made their voices heard. They are examples that can inspire your students.

Alexandra Hanna Licht, Irene Pateraki, Santi Scimeca
educational authorities, parents, policy makers, teachers
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