image The Strategies Report summarises the lessons learnt through the collaboration with 22 teachers who have created and implemented their SML strategies and who have helped shape the sml4change MOOC.

The sml4change project is unique thanks to its bottom-up and school-centric approach to content creation, through which the Social Media Literacy for Change MOOC (massive open online course) was created and moderated with the help of a very dedicated group of co-creators.

This report touches upon the process through which the co-creators’ SML strategies were developed, provides an overview of the main components of an SML strategy, some of the main challenges identified by the selected schools, the common areas of interest which were covered in most SML strategies and, finally, ways of assessing and adapting a strategy once this has been implemented.

European Schoolnet
counsellors, educational authorities, policy makers, teachers
Digital Citizenship
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