image The Final Evaluation Report provides a comprehensive overview of Social Media Literacy for Change project from selecting of participating schools, to co-creating the MOOC and mainstreaming the results.

Social Media Literacy for Change (sml4change) was a one-year pilot project, which aimed to support European school leaders and teachers, particularly those working with young people at risk of being socially marginalised, to foster social media literacy (SML) in both their school and local community, thus reaching not only students but also parents, families and school staff.

The sml4change project consisted of two main lines of work, namely supporting selected schools in the process of developing their own SML strategic plan and co-creating the multilingual Social Media Literacy for Change Massive Open Online Course (sml4change MOOC).

The sml4change MOOC is now freely available on the European Schoolnet Academy website and more information about the project can be accessed on the Future Classroom Lab website, in the project dedicated pages.

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