image Literature reviews of the KeyCoNet project – a European policy network on the implementation of key competences in school education.

KeyCoNet (2012 – 2014) is a European policy network focused on identifying and analyzing initiatives on the implementation of key competences in primary and secondary school education. It is a constantly growing network of more than 100 members from 30 countries gathering together Ministries of Education/related agencies, universities/research institutes, European organizations, and practice related partners. On the basis of the evidence collected through literature reviews, case studies, peer learning visits, country overviews, videos and exchanges between network members, the project’s final objective is to produce recommendations for policy and practice regarding the enablers and obstacles to a holistic implementation of key competence development.

Gordon, J., Rey, O., Siewiorek, A., Vivitsou, M., & von Reis Saari, J
educational authorities, policy makers
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