image This report shows that two actions are at the heart of the drive to make STEM studies and professions a more popular option for young learners: the development of effective and attractive STEM curricula and teaching methods, and improved teacher education and professional development.

ICT is valued by all countries for its ability to diversify the learning process and make the study of STEM subjects more attractive. It is considered to have added value for teaching STEM subjects as it facilitates collecting, recording and analyzing data; enables students to carry out safe and quick experiments not otherwise possible in the classroom due to lack of equipment or risk of danger; the simulation and visualization of 3D structures in science; and modelling in mathematics. Although all countries stated that ICT is used in the teaching of STEM subjects, the extent to which this happens in practice varies, owing to the absence of statutory assessment requirements, a lack of computers, teachers’ critical attitude, or their unwillingness to change traditional habits.

Caroline Kearney
educational authorities, policy makers
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