image In this Manifesto, leaders in their fi eld are proposing a number of concrete actions to address the pipeline of ICT practitioners, which in turn will help rejuvenate and sustain both a healthy ICT sector and a broader e-Skilled workforce.

Not just in Europe, but around the world, the industrial economy and many of its institutions are beginning to fail. At the same time, the contours of new enterprises, industries and a new civilisation are becoming clear. For this reason, Europe is at a critical juncture, faced as it is with a growing digital capability gap between the demands for digital transformation on the one hand, and the skills, know-how and capability of the workforce on the other. To harness the potential of the digital revolution and to keep pace with global competition, Europe urgently needs to build an e-skilled workforce. Working together, industry, education and government have the power to ensure long-term action and success that will deliver jobs, competitiveness and growth.
This Manifesto is a blueprint for making this happen. It is based on a broad cross-section of perspectives and is a must-read for those that have a stake in acquiring, nurturing and retaining e-skilled talent in the 21st century.

European Schoolnet, DIGITALEUROPE
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