image This booklet is a summary of the eTwinning Monitoring Survey Report, published every two years, which takes stock of the action’s key achievements as well as the areas in need of further development, through an analysis of a largescale survey of eTwinning respondents.

The survey is designed to investigate how the initiative is affecting participating teachers’ professional practice and how might it improve the professional development services it offers.Thanks to the 5, 900 eTwinners who voluntarily answered the survey in 2016, the current report provides grounded evidence on which eTwinning can develop its services to the educational communities of Europe. It should be kept in mind that this report is solely based on teachers’ self-perception of how eTwinning has impacted and influenced their work.
The results of this second edition of the monitoring survey confirm that eTwinning continues to have a significant impact on the development of individual teachers’ skills and teaching practices. Indeed, respondents’ reported impact on teachers’ skills and practices as well as those of students, are as high, and in most cases higher, than in the last survey.
The summary report is available in 24 languages. You can find the translations on the eTwinning portal.

Caroline Kearney and Àgueda Gras-Velázquez
counsellors, educational authorities, general public, parents, policy makers, teachers
Digital Citizenship, Innovation
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