The pocket guide is designed for school leaders or new IT Administrators in schools that have decided to implement a Bring Your Own Device strategy and who are looking for practical, introductory advice regarding the technical aspects of doing this and specifically. It provides an overview of risk management processes involving drawing up and regularly reviewing a risk, listing anticipated risks, how serious they are and how likely to occur, together with plans for how they will be avoided or mitigated.

The publication may also prove useful to more experienced IT Administrators who are interested in other schools’ experiences of BYOD implementations. This 'pocket guide' is developed based on the the full report, 'Bring Your Own Device for Schools: Technical advice for school leaders and IT administrators that was published by European Schoolnet as part of the work of Ministries of Education in its Interactive Classroom Working Group (ICWG), with support from Acer and GSMA.

European Schoolnet
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