image This review provides an overview of the BIK project and describes some of the highlights of its last 18 months (from January 2015 – June 2016).

One in three internet users are children. Kids go online at a younger age, spend more time on the internet and social media, play more online games and use mobile apps. While the internet offers many opportunities, it poses certain risks to vulnerable users. Unfortunately, we hear too often about children suffering from cyberbullying, sexting, hate speech, violence and manipulative advertising. To tackle these risks we need to engage with a wide range of stakeholders: young people and their parents as well as governments, industry, academics and civil society. One way we do this is through the Better Internet for Kids platform which was launched last year, with EU funding from the Connecting Europe Facility. The platform gives internet users of all ages access to a wealth of information, guidance and resources on better internet issues. It is part of the European Strategy for a Better Internet for Kids and aims to increase access to high-quality content for children and young people, step up awareness and empowerment, create a safe environment for children online, and fight against child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation.

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