image This report highlights some of the successes of the Safer Internet Day 2017 campaign, drawing upon the work of SICs in Europe, SID Committees across the globe, organisational and industry SID Supporters, the European Commission and the central Safer Internet Day Coordination Team.

The 14th annual edition of Safer Internet Day (SID) took place on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 with a campaign theme of “Be the change: Unite for a better internet”. In championing a better internet, the theme aimed to encourage people to “be the change” and make the most of the positive opportunities offered online, while giving them the resilience, skills, knowledge and support they need to navigate any online risks they may come across. Organised by the Insafe network (coordinated by European Schoolnet) and INHOPE (the International Association of Internet Hotlines), on behalf of the European Commission1, Safer Internet Day 2017 was celebrated in over 130 countries, with exciting events and activities promoting the safe and positive use of digital technology right across the globe.

Sarah Willoughby
educational authorities, policy makers, researchers, teachers
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