The GenB project aims to inspire young people to adopt sustainable and circular lifestyles. By engaging with young people, parents, and teachers, GenB provides materials and toolkits on the bioeconomy and bio-based sectors.

The Accelerating Teaching addresses the low interest in STEM subjects among 15-year-olds in many Western countries, as highlighted by PISA studies.

The NBS Academy is an European hub for integrating nature-based solutions (NBS) in teacher education. Scientix and its partners aim to create an international Community of Practice (CoP) of educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to develop and test innovative ITE (Initial Teacher Education) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programmes on NBS.

The COOLSCHOOLS project aims to promote nature-based climate shelters in urban schools across Europe, transforming vulnerable schoolyards into green spaces accessible to all city residents. This involves implementing traditional heat-reducing solutions in buildings and redesigning playgrounds with vegetation, shade spaces, and water points.

OUTSTE(A)M is transforming early childhood education with an innovative toolkit designed to ignite curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in young learners, turning outdoor learning into an exciting STE(A)M adventure

EmpowerED is a consortium of 11 Partners with complementary expertise. The project is coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN), with the aim to establish and animate a new EdTech Community for exchange, dialogue and collaboration in Europe.

STE(A)M Learning Ecologies (SLEs) is an EU-funded project (Horizon Europe) developing engaging open schooling-enabled science learning paths for all in learning continuums of formal and informal learning environments that are also focusing on inclusiveness.

Life Terra is one of Europe's largest climate action initiatives. It seeks to bring people together to plant 500 million trees in 5 years, prepare future generations, drive greener policies across the board and generate investment and growth in green jobs.

The European Ocean Coalition (EU4Ocean) connects diverse organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean. Supported by the European Commission, this bottom-up inclusive initiative aims at uniting the voices of Europeans to make the ocean a concern of everyone!

IMPACT EdTech is a start-up incubator-accelerator to boost innovation in education, helping European digital education innovators to bring their digital learning solutions into the market.