Family Internet Management Tool

European Schoolnet worked with Kaspersky Lab to validate and test the service Kaspersky Safe Kids, which aims at a shared family approach to managing internet and mobile phone usage rather than the more traditional "Parental control" approach.

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps children to find safer ways to explore the digital world. With device usage scheduling, automatic notifications about suspicious activities, GPS safe zones and summaries of what they are searching, seeing and sharing parents can stay connected with their kids and help keep them safe.

The project focused on three key goals:

  • Defining the emerging needs of families as technology plays an ever larger goal in their lives
  • Exploring ways that parents can foster more responsible internet use in their family
  • Promoting family discussion on the online opportunities children and parents can benefit from, the risks they want to avoid and the strategies they would like to see put in place to achieve both.

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Funding: Kaspersky Lab

Duration: 2016

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YouTube: Safe Kids and Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • Status: Past