UniSchooLabS aimed to improve the quality of science education in Europe, by promoting collaboration between universities and schools in the provision of remote access to science laboratories for primary and secondary schools through Internet-based services and mobile learning devices.

What is a Virtual/Remote Laboratory
A Remote laboratory makes use of telecommunications to remotely conduct real experiments, at the physical location of the operating technology, whilst the person running the experiment is utilising technology from a separate geographical location. A Virtual laboratory though is an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments.

UniSchooLabS Aims
The aim of UniSChooLabs was to improve the quality of science education in Europe. The pedagogical approaches and scenarios developed by the project were based on inquiry-based learning and problem-solving approaches, where learners learn by doing and through inquiry (science experiments) both in real and in virtual settings.

Website: http://unischoolabs.eun.org/

Duration: 2010 - 2012

Funding: European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme

Social media:
Facebook: @european.schoolnet
Twitter: @eu_schoolnet

  • Status: Past