SMILE - Social Media in Learning and Education

SMILE aimed to improve our understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with how kids are growing up in a world of social media and technology.

The project, funded by an inaugural Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook, consisted of three key phases:

• An online learning laboratory for 100 teachers from the 30 member states of EUN's partnerships (and beyond) to investigate and embrace the educational opportunities social media offers;
• Research with the learning laboratory participants to highlight trends and best practices for how social media is being used and can be used in classrooms;
• Broad dissemination of the research results through EUN's interactive portals for teachers, as well as through European and international meetings and conferences.

Find further information about the outcomes of the project read more in the digital handbook.

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Duration: 2012 - 2013

Funding: Digital Citizenship Research Grant from Facebook

  • Status: Past