Quantum Spin-Off

The Quantum Spinoff project aimed to bring science teachers and their pupils in direct contact with research and entrepreneurship in the high-tech nano sector, with the goal of educating a new generation of scientifically literate European citizens and inspiring young people to choose for science and technology careers.

Teams of pupils, guided by their science teachers, were challenged to create a responsible and socially relevant valorisation of a scientific paper in collaboration with actual researchers and entrepreneurs. They visited high-tech research labs and competed for the European Quantum Spin-Off Prize. Scientific and technological insights, creativity and responsible entrepreneurship were all taken into account by the jury of experts. Science teachers were trained in international and national workshops to support the inquiry learning process of their pupils.

Website: http://www.quantumspinoff.eu/

Duration: 2013 - 2015

Funding: Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission

Social media:
Facebook: @european.schoolnet
Twitter: @eu_schoolnet

  • Status: Past