Living School Lab

With the participation of 15 partners, including 12 education ministries, Living Schools Lab project promoted a whole-school approach to ICT use, scaling up best practices in the use of ICT between schools with various levels of technological proficiency.

The participating schools were supported through peer-exchanges in regional hubs, pan-European teams working collaboratively on a number themes, and a variety of opportunities for teachers' ongoing professional development.

Observation of advanced schools in 12 countries produced a report and recommendations on the mainstreaming of best practice, and the development of whole-school approaches to ICT. Download the LSL project summary (PDF) here and explore below more LSL resources and outcomes.

Duration: 2012 - 2014

Website: http://lsl.eun.org/

Funding: European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme

Social media:
Facebook: @european.schoolnet
Twitter: #LSL_eu

  • Status: Past