Creative School Lab

The Creative School Lab project aimed to establish creativity laboratories within teacher training institutes.

The project supported the integration of training in creative thinking into the initial training of future teachers who would work in preschool, primary and lower secondary education. This training in creative thinking was applicable to any subject as well as to cross-curricular education. In order to equip the young adults of tomorrow with the tools needed to become individuals who can continuously invent individual and joint solutions for adapting to change, their teachers needed to prepare them to meet these challenges. This meant developing skills and attitudes that combine elements such as creativity, critical thinking, perseverance, questioning, imagination and inventiveness that will help young people to develop into creative adults.

Website: http://www.creativewallonia.be/creative-school-lab

Duration: 2012 - 2014

Funding: Walloon Region

Social media:
Facebook: @european.schoolnet
Twitter: @eu_schoolnet

  • Status: Past