Continuing Professional Development Lab CPDLab

The CPDLab project developed and delivered training courses to help teachers become familiar with new technologies and pedagogies and unlock their potential development.

Teachers in Europe are positive about using technology and use it outside the classroom, but they often lack guidance and quality training on pedagogical approaches inside the classroom. To address this, European Schoolnet's CPDLab project (Continuous Professional Development Lab) developed training courses to help teachers make better use of new technology in the classroom, engage students with technology to improve motivation and results and explore possibilities in the training venue in Brussels, a fully equipped Future Classroom Lab. The courses, aimed at secondary schools teachers, ranging from making the most of your interactive whiteboards (IWB), bringing eSafety into everyday teaching, and implementing new teaching and learning activities in the future classroom.

Website: http://cpdlab.eun.org/

Duration: 2011 - 2013

Funding: European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme

Social media:
Facebook: @european.schoolnet
Twitter: @eu_schoolnet

  • Status: Past