The I-LINC project has been created with the aim of developing a sustainable and all-encompassing platform on the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion.

The platform is an online environment for networking, participation and learning that focuses on boosting the employability and entrepreneurship capacities of young people. The platform aims to facilitate stakeholders' efforts to modernise education through ICT, provide inclusive alternatives to formal education brought from the non-formal education sector and create a new "digital" path for employment for young people.

European Schoolnet in partnership with Telecentre Europe, Telefónica and the Technical University of Dortmund – Social research centre (TUDO) is engaged in this three year project in order to create an online environment where young people and associations working with youth have the opportunity to network and discuss with an active community of stakeholders in the field of digital skills and inclusion.

Website: http://www.i-linc.eu/

Duration: 2015-2017

Funding: Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Union

Social media:
Facebook: @ilincEU
Twitter: @ilinc_eu

  • Status: Past